Book a Court

Want to play tennis without membership? Research Tennis Club's courts and lights are now available to all. Book a court and start playing!

From December 2023 all courts have been upgraded to use Igloo locks. For non-junior members, booking any court is free of charge. The lights are available for an extra charge, which is applicable to everyone.

Now that all courts have been changed to the Igloo locks, your court key will no longer be required, and you are free to return it to get your deposit back. Learn how to return the court key.

How It Works

Go to the club’s Club Spark website at and click on “Book a Court”. Log in with your email address and password.

For Members

To avoid charges, you must log in to Play Tennis. If you cannot log in, try resetting your password using the email address used for membership. Avoid re-registering, as this will create a new user which will not have the membership attached. If you continue to have problems logging in, contact the Membership Secretary to get a registration invite sent to you.

Once on the court booking page, select a free time slot and continue with the booking procedure, which is self-explanatory.  

If booking for organised competition court use, ensure that you are viewing the booking sheet as the appropriate role (i.e. the "View as..." option). This is especially important to not get charged for using the lights.

Unlocking the Gate

Once booked you are taken to a screen showing your unlock code, it is also sent to you via SMS (if selected) and an email. Enter the code into the lock and then press the unlock icon. Unlock the gate by entering the sent code and then press the unlock button located at the bottom right of the lock keypad.

If successful, some beeps will be heard and the lock is ready to unlock. Grab the lock by the body and give it a firm tug to pull the shackle from the Igloo lock body.

When finished, bag the court and lock the gate.

When Available

Courts required for coaching and competition play will be pre-booked. See the booking sheet to see which courts are available.

Tennis using the lights is only available to Research Tennis Club financial competition players. Refer to Court Availability. Incorporating the lights with the locks is coming soon. The cost is yet to be determined.

Hire Cost

For Research Tennis Club members except junior, there's no cost. For everyone else, the charge is $20 per hour, or part thereof.

You are permitted to go over your booking by up to 30 minutes, provided there are no following bookings.

Court Lights

Court bookings made after 7:30pm during daylight saving and after 5:30pm during the winter months will automatically include a charge for the lights. For non-junior members it's $5 per hour, and for everyone else it's $10 (plus $20 court hire) per hour.

All bookings provide you with two codes, one for the court and another for the lights. To turn on the lights, enter the lighting code into the keypad (shown below), located to the left of the clubrooms' front door.

Competition players do not need to use the light panel. The court light switches inside the clubrooms work as they did before, completely independent of the court light panel.

Research Tennis Club light keypad
Research Tennis Club light keypad, located to the left of the clubrooms' front door.

By using Research Tennis Club's courts, you agree to the Book a Court Terms and Conditions.

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