Team entries are now open for the DVTA spring 2020 season which begins in August 2020.

Team captains, please use this form to submit your team for the upcoming competition, as shown below.

Please Note: Entries must be in by 5 pm 31st July 2020.

For any problems completing this form please call the Club Webmaster, Glenn Eaton on 0427 057 260.

Team Entry Form

Choose the competition your team is entering. For each competition please enter a new submission.
Enter the section your team is currently playing in now.
The requested section. Note that your requested section may not be available.


Please list the team captain first (green fields), the remaining players can be in any order. A confirmation email will be sent to the captain's email address. Another will be sent to the coordinators.

You need at least four players to form a team and each needs to be an RTC member before the season starts.

Please do not list emergency players, they can be added as the season progresses.

Players who you know are members, their contact details are not needed. If in doubt please list their details so their membership status can be checked.

Using spaces in your number is appreciated. Mobile preferred, but home is ok.
This is needed for grading purposes only.

Before the New Season Starts

Before the playing season starts team captains must ensure that each team member is a fully paid up member. Co-ordinators will be in contact if you have non members playing. This does not apply to emergency players.

Paying Your Team Entry and Ball/Light Money

Team entry and Ball/Light money can only be paid via direct credit to the club’s bank account. Currently this is $240 per team (subject to change). Team captains are to collect money from each team member and make one payment to the club.

Please quote your competition code (see below) plus your team’s section and team colour if you have one. For example for Tuesday night men’s section 5 team colour red use “TNM 5 RED BALL” as the reference.

Account Name: Research Tennis Club
BSB #: 633000
Account #: 1415 56886
Reference: See example above. Important! As we won’t know whose paid without it.

Competition Codes

MNX Monday Night Mixed
TNM Tuesday Night Mens
WNL Wednesday Night Ladies
MWL Midweek Ladies
THNM Thursday Night Mens
FJS Friday Junior Singles