Terms and Conditions

  1. The annual membership fees for Research Tennis Club are for 12 months and are
    due when your membership expires at the end of its twelve-month term.
    (Incorporation Association rule 6).
  2. The fees are composed of club membership fees, a compulsory maintenance fee
    and membership with Tennis Victoria, which includes Personal Accident Insurance.
  3. The Committee can set or change joining fees (if any) and annual subscription fees for
    members. (Incorporation Association rule 9).
  4. Memberships are non-refundable and expire twelve months after the membership was purchased.
    (Incorporation Association rule 13).
  5. All applications for membership shall be considered by the Executive Committee, which
    shall have the power to accept, reject or defer applications. (Incorporation Association
    rule 11).
  6. A non-member emergency player after playing three matches for Research Tennis
    Club must become a bona fide member (at the discretion and approval of the
    Committee) to continue to play as an emergency player. (Incorporation Association
    rule 96).
  7. You agree to support the purposes of the Research Tennis Club and to comply with the
    club rules. (Incorporation Association rule 8).
  8. Court keys are fully refundable upon the return of the court key if returned within three months of ceasing adult membership with Research Tennis Club.
  9. Holders of court keys must keep their non-junior membership current. If membership is allowed to lapse, the court key must be returned.
  10. PLEASE NOTE: Competition players must be financial club members. Competition
    players will NOT be eligible to play unless fees have been paid by the start of each
    tennis season (i.e. 2nd week of July for Spring and the 1st February for
    NEW members/players in the Autumn tennis season). (Incorporation Association
    rule 16).
    If you are experiencing extenuating financial circumstances, please contact the
    Membership Secretary.
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