Court Keys

The court key security deposit entitled members to receive a key to access the courts any time outside of coaching and competition. Since the club has upgraded to electronic locks, the keys are redundant.

Court Lights

For competition and practice sessions, competition players are permitted to use the court lights as their use is covered by team fees. Other players are not to use the court lights via the clubhouse switchboard, but are to access the lights using the Book a Court facility (charges apply). See the court light policy for more information.

Using Book a Court

Access the courts using Book a Court. It's free for all memberships except junior. Court lights are available too for a small extra for casual users or non-competition players.

Court Keys

With the recent installation of the much more user-friendly Igloo Lock System, the need for court keys has now become obsolete.

If you have not returned your court key or emailed the club your intentions, it is now too late. Refunds are closed as of 31-March 2024.

Key Deposit Donors

The club would very much like to thank the following members for donating their key deposit to the club. This will help greatly with the club's cash flow and help the committee provide a better club for all.

  • Chris England
  • Deb Mallard
  • Dustin Brincat
  • Heidi Mason
  • Steven Buys
  • Vincent Wijnen

Note that the list is limited to members who emailed the club saying they were happy to donate and to have their name published.

If you did not specify either donation or membership fee offset, you can do so when your membership is due for renewal. If the club isn't informed, it will be assumed that you are happy to donate your key deposit to the club.

Membership Fees Offset Instructions

When paying your renewal, select "other payment" option (not credit card) and inform the membership secretary of your intentions via email, or call if you prefer. Your invoice will be amended and resent, and then pay the updated invoice. If you don't notify the membership secretary, it will be assumed that you are donating your deposit to the club.

This also applies to members who have already said to do the offset option. Once a membership is paid via credit card, it's difficult to change the cost, especially if there are many with the same issue.

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