Important Information for Emergency Players

For the 2018 autumn season a new procedure for emergency players is being trialled by the committee.

For each match that a non member emergency player fills in $10 will be payable to the club. The payment can be made by the emergency player or by the team (which may be necessary to get your emergency player to help out). If the emergency player joins the club within the same season as the competition these payments will be deducted from the cost of membership.

The money is to be collected by the team captain who will then pay it via direct deposit to the club’s account with a description like for example “MNX Red 7 Emerg”. The money needs to be paid within a week of the match the emergency player played in.

Insurance Coverage

For non member emergency players to be covered by accident insurance by Tennis Victoria they must be registered with them.

To register for insurance at no cost go to

Enter your details as required and then select the EMERGENCY PLAYER membership.

Note: This has no cost and it’s not a membership with the club. It only provides registration with Tennis Victoria for insurance purposes.


Interested in being an Emergency Player?

If you would like to be an emergency player or you know someone who would like to play please contact the membership secretary on or call 0427 057 260 and state your name, phone number and your approximate skill level (ie, starter, intermediate or advanced) and your name will be put on secure list that only team captains will have access to.

Club members are preferred but non-members are welcome too.