The court key security deposit entitles you to receive a key to access the courts any time outside of coaching and competition. Court keys are available to all memberships except Junior. Your non-junior membership must be current while you possess a key.

If you cease to be a financial member of Research Tennis Club (ie not paying your club dues) the key must be promptly returned to the Membership Secretary as per the instructions below.

Using Book a Court

An alternative to getting your own court key is to use Book a Court to access court 6, located down the drive that goes to the main road. It’s free for all memberships except junior.

If booking a court doesn’t suit you then read on to learn about Court Keys.

How to Get A Court Key

To pay the deposit for a court key buy the “Court Key” membership shown below and either pay online or with a direct credit to the tennis club using the details on the emailed invoice.

RTC court key membership selection
RTC court key membership selection

Picking Up Your Court Key

When you have paid for your membership contact the Membership Secretary to arrange the pick up/delivery of your key. The contact details are available on the Committee Members page and under the panel below with the title Join Us. Once your payment has been checked to have been received by Research Tennis Club you will be handed your key.

Returning Your Court Key

Return your key and get your $100 deposit refunded by:

  • Calling the Membership Secretary to arrange a key drop off
  • Returning the key in an envelope along with your bank details for the refund to Research Post Office, with
    Research Tennis Club,
    PO Box 1038,
    Research VIC 3095
    … on the front. Currently there is no charge for this service.

Your key deposit money will be returned to you within 10 business days. If you paid by Credit Card the funds will be returned to the credit card you used. If it has changed inform the Membership Secretary and other arrangements will be made.