Treasurer Role

The treasurer, a key role, is to look after the club's funds and reporting on the financial health of the club.

  1. Receive all moneys paid to or received by the Association and issue receipts (as requested) for those moneys in the name of the Association; and
  2. Ensure that all moneys received are paid into the account of the Association within seven (7) working days after receipt;
  3. Make any payments authorised by the Management Committee or by a general meeting of the Association from the Association's funds;
  4. Ensure cheques, EFT transfers or cash payments are approved by at least 2 authorised Management Committee members (authorised signatories for the bank account shall be the President, Treasurer and Secretary).
  5. Ensure that the financial records of the Association are maintained and stored for 7 years in accordance with the Act;
  6. Coordinate the preparation of the financial statements of the Association and their certification by the Management Committee prior to their submission to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  7. Ensure that at least one other Management Committee member has access to the accounts and financial records of the Association
  8. Maintain accounts with a financial institution(s) from which all expenditure of the Association is made and into which all the Association's revenue is deposited (all accounts being in the name of ‘Research Tennis Club’).
  9. As authorised by the Management Committee, expend funds on behalf of the Association (including by electronic funds transfer) up to a specified limit without requiring approval from the Management Committee for each item on which the funds are expended. The President (or in his absence the Deputy President) must approve any payment above $500.00.
  10. With the approval of the Management Committee, maintain a cash float provided that all money paid from or paid into the float is accurately recorded at the time of the transaction.
  11. Where necessary, provide an audited financial statement to Consumer Affairs Victoria, depending on the club’s total revenue in the financial year.
  12. Ensure that funds, income or assets are not distributed to members except as reasonable compensation for services provided or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.
  13. Collect mail weekly from Research Post Office – PO Box 1038
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