Do you want to get some tennis practice and can’t find a partner, or do you need to practice your doubles skills?  Read on!

Research Battlers WhatsApp Group

There is a WhatsApp Group called “Research Tennis Battlers”.  This group was created by a member of a couple of our lower graded competition teams to get people practising tennis more often. 

It’s aimed at adults but bring your kids along if you wish. More proficient players are welcome but just remember who you are playing against and give everyone a go.  If you want to join in just sign up and wait for the invites.  If you have a court key, you can just create an invite of your own. 

Open to Non-Members

You don’t need to be a Research Tennis Club member but it is highly recommended to get insurance coverage by registering and choosing the free Emergency Player membership. After three sessions you will be expected to join the club as a paying member. See membership for details.

Court Availability

Remember that the courts are shared with other groups including competition players and coaches who take priority over casual use.