Female Players for Monday or Tuesday for spring 2019

There are at least two vacancies for the DVTA spring 2019 season with Research Tennis Club.

Monday Night, DVTA, Section 6 or 7

This is an entry level competition and an ideal way to get started. I play in the DVTA (Diamond Valley Tennis Association) Mixed Doubles competition on Monday nights. We need a female player for the next season, “Spring” by name but it starts in July.

The expectations will not be high so as long as you have a basic understanding of the game you will be fine, the opposing teams take it easy on any inexperienced players, especially with serves. There are no singles sets. It’s also an option for ex-junior (or current for that matter) to play in an adult competition, note subtle hint to any girls retiring from the Saturday Morning Juniors Comp. The nights can be late but usually competition is over by 9:30 pm followed by supper in the clubrooms.

Please contact Glenn Eaton on 0427 057 260 (the team captain) if you are interested. If we get more than one interested person (even male) we will run a roster where 5 or 6 people get an even distribution of games.

Tuesday, HDTA Heidelberg District, Section 3

Section 3 Tuesday team is looking for players for the season starting in July. Highish standard needed.

If you're interested please contact Sue Woodfall 0418 366 508.

Note: Team entries close this Friday, 21st June. So please don't delay.

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