Neville Mears, the DVTA administrator, has surveyed the participants and come up with the following plan:

  • When DVTA gets permission the autumn season will resume.
  • No breaks for school or public holidays.
  • Up to 4 forfeits (instead of three)
  • Once autumn restarts the spring season will be decided upon, and more information will follow then.

Below is the email from Neville...

Subject: DVTA Update on Resumption of Play

This email is sent to all Clubs with one or more teams participating in a DVTA competition.

I recently requested all of you to respond to a proposal regarding the continuation of competition tennis when the authorities allow competition tennis to resume. In essence the proposal was that for the remainder of 2020 we try to complete as much tennis as possible by, for example, playing through school and holiday periods.

The results of that survey is as follows

  • 16 Clubs (involving 165 teams) responded YES
  • 8 Clubs (involving 40 teams) responded NO
  • 6 Clubs (involving 31 teams) have not responded or responded with an indecisive answer e.g. we are 50/50.

Accordingly, when we do get permission to resume competition tennis, the DVTA will

  • immediately resume the Autumn season with a revised fixture that does NOT have breaks for school or public holidays
  • eliminate the scheduled Preliminary finals by converting the semi-finals to Elimination Semi-Finals (1v4 and 2v3)

You are asked convey the above to your existing teams along with a message to be ready to resume play within  one week of the date we are told that competition tennis can resume. In this regard, I can inform you that Tennis Victoria is currently seeking an exemption from the State Government policy that competitive play is NOT allowed.

In reaching this position the DVTA is acutely aware that playing though school and public holidays will not suit everyone. We are hopeful that other players in the team, or other emergencies arranged by the Club, can cover any absences. However, given that this may not always be possible, there is always the option of a forfeit.

Normally the DVTA would be discouraging forfeits. However, in this rather unusual climate, it is thought better to schedule matches and have a few forfeits, rather than exclude everyone from playing with a general bye. Accordingly, it has been decided for the current Autumn season to allow a team to have 4 rather than 3 forfeits before being forced to withdraw from the competition.

Once we do get re-started I will then communicate with you regarding the Spring 2020 season. If we are allowed to resume the Autumn season in the week commencing 15 June, we can certainly fit in a full Spring season. However, with a later re-start  we will need to consider things shortening the Spring season. That is a subject for a later time.

Neville Mears

DVTA Administrator   

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