COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Tennis Aus/Vic Latest & Advice

The club received the following information from the DVTA on Friday, 13-Mar-2020, regarding the safeguards and advice Tennis Victoria are putting in place for the COVID 19 virus.

In case you don't know, NETJA have are considering what they are going to do regarding junior competition due to the Coronavirus.

There is no bar as yet on DVTA competitions proceeding, but clearly this could change and individual teams and/or clubs could elect to suspend their participation in competition if they are concerned. Currently this would constitute a forfeit.

Naturally everyone should be following the advice of the government to reduce the risk of infection by coughing into your elbow and washing hands with soap and water.

If you have any concerns please contact the committee.

DVTA Advice

At this stage the DVTA intends that all its competitions will proceed, provided that all Clubs venues observe the advice provided by Tennis Victoria.

The nature of our sport is such that it is can be played without close contact with partners or opposition, particularly if players forgo the normal shaking of hands following a match. We suggest an exchange of comments such as “good game” should suffice.

For all off court activity we simply suggest that people give each other space.

Neville Mears

DVTA Administrator   

Further Information

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