If you are not interested in taking on a position at the club, you are still very welcome to attend the AGM’s to help us vote in our office bearers and to have a social drink & light refreshments after the meeting. Your support and interest in our club is very important to us, so please come down and learn a bit more about how our club works and support those who take on positions.

Club members are always welcome to attend committee meetings. The committee meets on a regular basis, usually monthly, to manage the club’s affairs. Committee meeting dates are posted on the website.

Even 30 minutes a week helping out around the club or taking on a small project will make a major difference to make the operations of the club smooth and strong.

The committee is seriously considering rotating teams for six months stints on the committee as a way to boost our numbers if we cannot get new people to join us on the committee.

Club Secretary

The role of Secretary is the go-to-person of the committee; this person generally has knowledge of all the current club issues.

The position would suit someone who is able to check club emails daily and forward to the appropriate person ASAP.

Commitment required:

  • Attend monthly committee meeting approx 2 hours.
  • 2-3 hours per week responding to emails/correspondence.
  • Prepare agenda for meetings, give notice to committee one week in advance.
  • Record meeting minutes, email minutes to committee and post in clubhouse.
  • Check PO Box weekly.
  • Attend to legal requirements of Consumer Affairs VIC as Incorporation Secretary.
  • The Secretary is a signatory for the club bank accounts, working with the Treasurer to authorise payments.
  • Updates TROLS club details before each season before the team entry files are sent.
  • At least once a month check the Heart Start Defibrillator.
  • Periodically check the First Aid Kit.

Membership Secretary

The role of Membership Secretary is busiest at the beginning of the new financial year when club memberships are renewed. Another busy period is in February when there are new members to follow up, otherwise the rest of the year is just continually checking and following up on team players.

The Membership Secretary is responsible for:

  • Maintaining accurate records of current members on the My Tennis database.
  • Follow up on unpaid membership renewals before the start of the Spring tennis season.
  • Act as the first point of contact at the club with regard to membership enquiries.
  • Distribute court keys as required.
  • Produce and distribute renewal notices / emails to members prior to their membership expiring on 30th June of financial year.
  • Maintaining membership history records as required by the Associations incorporation Reform Act 2012(VIC).
  • Attend monthly committee meetings & produce a membership report.
  • Be available for two hours on Membership Registration Day in July each year to accept cash / cheque membership payments and issue receipts.
  • Manage receipt of membership fees (cash, cheques), including prompt payment into the club bank account and providing the Treasurer with associated information as required.
  • Regularly check team / player statistics on DVTA, NENTG & HDTA Trols throughout the season for emergency players who have played three matches. Follow up these players for membership as per policy.