Club Championships 2024

The club championships are on again! 17th March 2024, 8am to 5pm.

Spectators welcome!

Finals will start at around 4pm.

Sunday, 17th March 2024.
Commencing at 8am, with finals at around 4pm.

Set out below is the schedule of play for our Club Championships this Sunday. We have some 34 players registered to play (many in more than one event) with a total of 40 matches to be completed on the day.

Please note the following important issues/requirements:

  1. Matches have been set up to take account of player seedings, creating the potential for the top 2 seeds in each competition to play off in the Grand Final.
  2. Players will be asked to ‘sign in’ inside the Clubhouse on first arrival to confirm their attendance and availability.
  3. A screenshot of your play/court schedule will be up on the wall for your viewing.
  4. Play will start promptly at 8.00am with a maximum 5-minute warm up, so players rostered for the first session of play (4 matches) should be there no later than 7.45am.
  5. The subsequent times are approximations only. We have allowed up to 45 minutes for each session of play but, if opportunities present, we will start matches earlier than this as courts become free. As such, please ensure you are at the courts and free to play at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time.
  6. The schedule has been mapped out to ensure that, for players who have registered for multiple events (the majority!), there is no potential for the same player to need to be in 2 places at the one time! As the day progresses, however, and players fail to progress, we will take every opportunity to bring some of the sessions set aside for Grand Finals forward and run them concurrently in order to avoid too late a finish. The scheduled finish time is thus just a ‘worst case’ scenario.
  7. After each match has been completed, players should report to the Clubhouse to complete and sign a match scoresheet, which will be on the bench in the clubhouse.
  8. Please be considerate and respectful towards the club volunteers who have given/are giving their time to make this complicated day a success.
  9. A BBQ and soft drinks will be provided by the Club throughout the day for players, volunteers and supporters.

Above all, enjoy the day!!

Championship Schedule

Sam Ellingsen playing in the Men's Singles Final. Research Tennis Club's Championship event. 19th March 2023.
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