The restrictions have been eased but there are some new rules we have to adhere to.

President’s Letter to Research Tennis Club Members

Greetings members,

Hope you are all well and the lockdown has not affected you and your family too much.

This an update on the Research Tennis club for the last four months. which has been challenging in a few different ways.

COVID 19 Effects on Play at Research Tennis Club

As you will know the Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed slightly, and the council has allowed the sporting clubs to open under tight restrictions.
Please see below the regulations we need to follow:

  1. Club house and facilities including toilet are closed.
  2. Before anyone plays tennis, members are to ensure they have read and understand what is required for you to play safely and in accordance with the current government regulations. To do this, every member needs to read the Tennis Vic Tool Kit of getting back to tennis.
  3. Members are to sanitise their hands before play and after play to minimise the potential spread of germs onto locks, gates, court bags etc.
  4. The regulations state we must know who is using the courts and when. To register your visit go to the club’s website and click on the link below. A form will open up. Fill in your name, court or courts used and the date. Click on Submit and your visit will be recorded securely on the club’s website.

I would like to stress the importance of following the above regulations, otherwise the council WILL revoke our access.

I note that I am aware there have been people playing tennis at the club whilst the lockdown was imposed, not only did they break the lock down, members neglected to bag the used courts and left coffee cups, tennis ball containers etc. on the courts.

As members, the expectation is that every member cleans up after themselves and all courts are to be bagged after play, in order to maintain the presentation and cleanliness of our club.

Promoting the Club

In other exciting news, we have had 3 members who have put up their hands to help the club build on the membership and attract other people in the community to join the club. We are looking to put together a new marketing campaign, which should start in the next couple of months, subject to Covid-19 restrictions easing.

Membership Fees

On that note, I would like to acknowledge that the committee is aware that the Covid-19 lockdown has affected all members and the committee is working on plans to take this into account when assessing next seasons membership fees.

Competition Tennis

I would also like to acknowledge that competition has not had the go ahead now and once we have further information on a start date, you will be informed.

Electric BBQ

Following the completion of the courts, we had a new electric barbecue installed at the club and I just wanted to note that this needs to be cleaned properly each time it is used with no exceptions.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your ongoing commitment to the club and hope you and your families are all staying safe during this time.

Mike Paterson
President – Research Tennis Club