1. Access to the court lights is via a switchboard in the main Clubhouse.
  2. Only Committee members, accredited Topline Coaches, and Competition Team Captains are to have access to the Clubhouse and its facilities (including lights) via the key in the Safe Lock Box.
  3. Court lights are only to be used for the following:
    1. Competition Play: – To allow the lights to reach their full brightness for play the lights should be turned on fifteen minutes before competition play commences and, in consideration of the impact on neighbouring households, be turned off promptly for each court as soon as competition play has been completed.
    2. Competition Practice: – adult financial members playing competition tennis may utilise lights (where required) for competition practice but these should be turned off promptly once practice is completed, and in any case must  not be used after 10.00pm at night
    3. Coaching: – lights (where required) should be turned on at the beginning of a Topline coaching session and promptly turned off at its conclusion.
  4. In the event of problems with court lights, members can contact Mike Paterson.