Member Responsibilities

This is a reminder of member duties and what the committee expects everyone to do to help keep our facilities at their best for all players.

Member Responsibilites

  1. All courts MUST be bagged after the end of play on the night /day of play. This is required due to the environment (leaves from trees) and to disperse the sand back into the surface. Without bagging maintenance of the synthetic grass tennis courts needs to be done more often, and at around $1000 each time failure to regularly bag the courts may lead to increased membership fees.
  2. Lights need to be turned off immediately after play.
  3. Ensure toilet lights and fans are not on when locking up the club house.
  4. The clubrooms are to be left clean and dishes put away and vacuumed if required.
  5. Barbecue MUST BE CLEANED PROPERLY after use.
  6. Empty bins & replace with clean garbage bags.
  7. Turn off air conditioner & check windows are closed. (Responsibility of the member who turns it on).
  8. Check windows are closed.
  9. Ensure all courts are locked, brooms returned, hoses tidied etc.

Research Tennis Club

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